Heart Opening, Transformation, Expansion


Andrea Gaines’ eclectic career has progressed over the years from software sales & marketing to; motherhood - fitness instructor - personal trainer - wellness coach - life coach, to a student of women’s empowerment, pleasure, non-linear movement, masculine/feminine energy offerings, polarity, keeping the spark alive in long term relationships, Tantra exploration, facilitator of women’s groups and now, Equine Facilitated Learning teacher!

After 20+ years in Chicago, Andrea has settled in Ojai with her husband George, teaches fitness classes at a local health club and has immersed herself in all things horses, with her new equine partners Red & Flash. 

She also enjoys time with her adult kids Martha, George III, Joanna and Taylor. Andrea loves food, eating-for-energy, cooking and connecting with friends around food, exercise, expanding and finding what’s right. 

For those seeking improved well-being, more openness and ease, Andrea offers a blend of her professional training, life experience and studies to help people find a new “way in” to find their best self, and release what no longer serves them.  She’s intuitive, kind, wise, generous, goofy and spontaneous.

Andrea offers the Equine Experience as a unique way in, allowing the horse’s wisdom to show us what’s possible in somatic/bodily/intuitive communication. Staying open, using your breath, is a starting point to relax your nervous system and expand your capacity to feel more inside and in your surroundings. With a combination of coaching & facilitation, she helps you discover your own inner answers.

For those that are interested in expanding on their learnings beyond the Equine Experience, they can continue sessions with Andrea over the phone or in person, for an occasional check-in, or 1-2x/month coaching sessions. She can assist you with your nutrition, exercise goals, upgrading your language & mindset, improving your boundary setting abilities, enchancing your non-verbal communication skills, staying open, creating sexual polarity in your relationship, and ultimately knowing what gifts you want to offer the world!

Heart openings, transformation and expansion, is what sessions with Andrea inspire!