Yes, Red blew me away too! He was so tender and sweet. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. I really felt her there. And he so emphatically answered the question I had for him...and then confirmed it when I told him I was going to follow his advice. Completely amazing.
— Bri, Los Angeles

I continue to revel in my healing time with Andrea and “Red.” That was a GREAT experience, and I am so grateful. Coming to Ojai, finding this unique experience has been what I wanted. I am discovering more magic each day.
— Morgan, Santa Barbara

I learned about being present, not only to the moment, but to your energy and breath and body language & how that can shape an experience. This experience was an opportunity to relax, just be comfortable in my own self and preferences.
— Kirby, Ojai

Wow, so fascinating! I understand horses so much more. As I think back on yesterday, I’m really blown away by what happened. I learned horses basically act out what the heart wants in the person, not the brain. I interpreted Red rolling around on the ground as my heart wants more “vulnerability and fun” in my life. I’m blown away. Thank you so much for this experience.
— Gabe, Ojai

My favorite part of THE day was the check in and tarot cards at the beginning. The other favorite part of MY day was laying down with Red.
I learned a way of perceiving myself from Red, to connect naturally with my strength, beauty, and security, yet be vulnerable and authentic whenever possible. Andrea facilitates a safe and meaningful threshold experience that connects us with our self, the horses and others.
— Susan, California

I loved loved loved the session and your teaching! I learned so much. Something happened in there and i really felt that Red was showing me how to trust horses again. I felt so accepted and completely relaxed and not have to do anything or change anything to be loved.
— Betsy Ojai, California

What was beautiful for me was to be in the presence of women who can be vulnerable and open to express their truth, as it gives me permission to do the same. I know it sounds corny but we really are all in this together.
Thank you Andrea, for creating such a beautiful and safe space for us. And thank you Red and Flash for being such beautiful teachers. I look forward to the next one and hope our paths cross again.
— Rene, Calfornia

Thank you SO much, Andrea! That was a really profound experience! That moment when I could hear Red breathing and I ‘heard’ him say, “Breath Deeply” will always be an anchor moment for me. I will return to that over and over to remind myself to breath from my toes. Thank you for offering this to people. It is a truly beautiful way to connect to the self and to nature. The horses are magnificent!
— Bonnie, California