Poetry Corner


Not here, not now
Then was good
But that’s over now
Fun while it lasted
And now?
Hanging on
Holding on
Wishing, longing, wanting something to last
Here we are now
Letting go
Letting things be as they are, here, now
Moving on
Enjoying the now
What is
Is good.


Little Beauty
- - about a baby deer that was hit by car and a group of women came to the rescue & tried to save him…..

Little Beauty
Surrounded by love.

Taken to soon
Yet all the cards lined up
For a tender love to flow through us.

Your innocence
Your fear
Your helplessness
Cracked our hearts open.

Your mama’s loss is our loss.
We as women, mother’s and protectors
Know grief.
We can smell it, see it, in those who have lost one.

We can take it.
We can hold it.
We let this love and loss pour through us.

This chain of events today connected us.
Reminding us we are entwined, related, One.

We ache with you - for you LIttle Beauty - and celebrate you.
Impermanence is life.

The beauty and the sorrow,
Two sides of the same coin.

We can hold it all.
Our hearts are wide and deep.

We honor you Little One.
Your soul, your heart, your body.

Thank you for bringing us all together today.
Blessings to you. Infinite Love & Gratitude.


Andrea Gaines