Monty Roberts and Horse Therapy


Monty Roberts is a great influence on gentling the attitudes towards horse training. Because Monty came from an abused home, he was able to notice, feel and sense what wasn’t right about old, traditional style horse training. Those methods are cruel and sadly, still exist today. However, many more conscious trainers have paved the way to a kinder & more sensitive approach. That led Monty Roberts, to develop his famous program “Join-Up.” A wonderful approach to GIVING HORSES A CHOICE to be with you.

As Monty said about the therapy aspects of horses and PTSD: “Those familiar with my thoughts on healing should know that I don't believe there should be a “D” in PTSD. The “D” in PTSD should have been an “I” and stand for Injury. Going to war and coming home with extreme trauma is an injury and not a disorder. Injuries heal and disorders tend not to. This helps veterans avoid becoming a victim of a system that does not train them to re-enter civilian life. Instead, the horses help participants grow to trust again.  Emotional control, breathing and communication are part of the skill sets.”

It’s amazing how trauma and fear can bubble up around horses, for a variety of reasons……and with the proper guidance and facilitation, people can experience trust, safety and confidence again!!

Horse, Heart & Connection” is a program I offer, in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning, that teaches mindfulness, present moment awareness, cultivating your intuition, with the horse as your mirror. When you enter Smarty Pants Ranch, the beauty, colors, birds and Los Padres mountains surround you. You will have the opportunity to be with the horse you are drawn to, AT LIBERTY, THEIR CHOICE, and see what wants to unfold. These intimate, nonverbal moments can be profound. Feelings may come up, insights, memories and sometimes utter stillness and contentment. It’s all good.

Join us for our next small group workshop, or schedule a private. Your heart will open!

Andrea Gaines